Thursday, September 15, 2011


Okay, a bit overdue, but not that interesting anyway. The island stop at Kizhi where I spent my time onshore drinking beer and eating smoked fish turned out to have some interesting stuff on it, though. Oh so interesting. You don't know what you missed interesting. You would have loved it interesting. Or so I heard for most of the day, being not-so-subtly admonished for my wanton ways.

This was an old village that had been preserved and, I guess, was a fairly true representation of what peasant life must have been like in the good old days.

Parts of the island were reminiscent  of northern Minnesota.

Just Like International Falls

And Not So Much

But something like this would make a nice place on Rainy Lake. Give the place a bit of a more worldly look.

Step Into My Dacha

The centerpiece of the island the large Church of the Transfiguration built entirely of wood. And that means no nails.

All Wood

There weren't too many buildings that you could actually enter. The Church of the Transfiguration is downright unsafe due to termites, wood-rot, the general ravages of age. It was built in the reign of Peter the Great, in 1714. You could enter a typical little hut and I thought this was an interesting little space-saver.

The Stove/Bed With Boot Dryer Combo

You put your bedding on top of the stove and that is where you sleep, nice and warm. And there is a little niche where you can place your boots to dry them out and make them nice and warm for the morning. And then, of course, the best thing on the island.

Why, Me, Of Course

And now you know how we spent our day. Me, chugging beer and sucking down smoked fish with total strangers while the Mysterious Chinese Woman saw some oh so, I would have loved it, I don't know what I missed interesting stuff.


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Wow - that church is amazing!

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