Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Take It All Back

I take back everything bad that I have ever said about the iPad.  Playboy has just announced that it is putting every page of every issue online and formated specifically for the iPad.  Now I can finally finish The Sergeant and the Slave Girl.  The story was in the April 1957 issue and I had barely started it before my mother confiscated my magazine.

Heading out to Maifest on the Hudson today. Already have my tickets and beer coupons. Should be a great day. The weather is perfect and the beer should be cold. They will be crowning Miss German America and there will be music and dancers plus a one-hour beer cruise. German food as well and even a Maypole. Anticipating much fun and I will try to post about it tomorrow.


Rob Mize said...

1957 was 8 years before I was born - dont think I'd remember that issue.

Bar Man said...

Children probably shouldn't be reading my blog. Oh, wait, sometimes I forget how old I am.