Thursday, March 17, 2011

That Day Again

I awoke this morning with heart palpitations and an impending sense of doom.  Luckily there was an existential reason for my condition: Today is St. Patrick's Day, a day that seldom ends well for Bar Man.  I have already pre-built the guts of my green Margaritas, substituting Racillia (Mexican Moonshine) for Tequila and throwing in a bit of old Mescal in which the worm had dissolved.  Hey, got to get your protein.  Nothing is too good for my guests.  My friend Marcie is coming over early this morning with her green Jello shots and to help decorate my place for our pre-pub crawl party.  I think the current plans are to head to Murphy's Irish Pub for their Guinness stew for lunch and then, well, then who knows what?

But I get ahead of myself.  I thought I would post about a relatively more civil event before this day gets totally out of hand (in about two hours, by my reckoning).

We had another deck party a couple of days ago and, once again, I made my famous, but increasingly frustrating, Deviled Eggs.

I Hate These Eggs

Nothing I do can center the yolks, and believe me, I know all of the tricks.  Why doesn't Ron Popeil  offer an "Egg-Centering Centrifuge?  I would buy one.  After all, I have bought his "Scramble An Egg In The Shell" device and his "Make Square Hard Boiled Eggs" machine.  The "Automatic Egg Peeler" will probably be next.  I also have his "Automatic Pasta And Sausage Maker," but that is another sad story altogether.

I did manage to make about two dozen Deviled Eggs out of eighteen eggs.  That comes out to a totally unacceptable rejection rate of one out of three due to herniated yolks.  I put the excess filling on crackers though, so it wasn't a total loss.

The Finished Product

The Mysterious Chinese Woman made a delicious chili and there was all kinds of wonderful food to be shared.

A Mighty Fine Spread, Indeed

We had everything from ribs to jalape├▒o poppers.  And desserts aplenty.  I didn't get a picture of Marie's Chocolate Overkill, but it was dynamite.  Marcie is also bringing poppyseed muffins for our party this morning.  I figure it will give us an excuse if we fail our drug tests later in the day.

Everyone was supposed to bring a little something to share with the others, but I am not sure if Bill intended to share.

He Looks Pretty Well Settled In

But the rest of the crew had no problem heading for the buffet table.

Step Right Up And Dig Right In

Here were a few of the usual suspects gathered around.  Bill did share and, to be fair, not all of the wine was his.

Some Of The Usual Suspects

As usual, a great time was had by all.  Well, except for those who chose not to attend and actually tried to get some sleep while the party was still going on.  I think even  the nearby Blue Chairs, notorious for their loud music, called in a complaint.

Okay, I am off to prepare myself for today's events.  Just how, I am not sure.  Maybe drink a pint of olive oil or something.  There should be pictures tomorrow unless I lose my camera or, more likely, lose my focus.  I have long ago lost my way.


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