Tuesday, March 01, 2011

More On Pipi

Sheesh, too many pictures at Pipi to cram into just one post so you will have to suffer through a two parter.  I will concentrate on what ended up being a hot sauce eating contest between Bella and me.

Pipi usually has some pretty good guacamole that they make right at your table.  Who cares if it looks vaguely like pelican poop.

Whipping Up A Batch

Now even though we asked for it to be made spicy, it turned out to be pretty bland, so Bella decided to soup it up a bit by mixing in some hots sauce and a bowl of salsa.  It really did make it much better.  Of course Bella didn't think the hot sauce we were given was picante enough.  I made the mistake of saying it I thought it was pretty hot.  At this point Bella starting flapping her arms and making chicken noises in my general direction.  Of course I couldn't just take this abuse so we had to have a hot sauce eating contest

Piling It On

And Here We Go

Hmm, Just Yummy

And The Stare Down

Now, I didn't think there was any clear winner because, quite frankly, the hot sauce really wasn't that hot.  But you be the judge, who seems to be suffering the most?

Press I For Bella

Press 2 For Bar Man

And please, no lewd comments about how you would much rather press two for Bella.

Next year I will bring down a bottle of my own home-made habanero-garlic sauce.  And maybe a bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce.  I have personally witnessed Dave's Insanity Sauce put grown men down for the count.

A bunch of us are heading out to Boca de Tomatlan today for a beach lunch at one of my favorite little restaurants, Boca del Mar.  Always a good time.  But before I post about that I promise to finish up my Pipi posting.

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