Friday, March 04, 2011

Getting There Is Half The...

Well, normally they say that getting there is half the fun, but when you go by bus in Puerto Vallarta is is more like getting there is half the terror.

Our Bus To Boca

Of course no bus ride here in Mexico would be complete without some kind of entertainment, and this one was no exception.

Think Mexican Radio

I tried to get the bus driver to turn around when I took this picture, but I think the screams of my fellow passengers dissuaded him.

Say Cheese

I was lucky, I got the one reclining seat in the bus.

No Upright Position, Though

We had quite a group heading to Boca for our little beach party.

Marie And The Mysterious Chinese Woman

Bill And Marcie

Bella And Tom

Sharon And Paul

Marge And Wayne

Somehow I missed getting a picture of Pete and I am sure I will here about it. He always pouts if he is left out. But Pete, you got more than your fair share in my post about Pipi.

And then our bone-jarring ride came to end and we got off the bus while others were getting on for the ride back to Boca.

You're Either On The Bus Or Off The Bus

They have installed a lot of speed bumps on this stretch of road so the trip takes a wee bit longer but is much more, well, bumpy. None of these buses have anything approaching a shock absorber.

And then we all headed down to the beach and to our favorite little restaurant, Boca del Mar.

Heading On Down

I will finish up posting about our day at Boca and my night at La Cruz tomorrow, but be sure to check it out.

Just A Teaser To Get You To Return

We have such a bashful group.

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