Sunday, February 27, 2011

Drinks Well With Others

The Mysterious Chinese Woman and I went over to our friends Wayne and Marge's place yesterday for some cocktails and snacks before heading out to have dinner at Fusion Gourmet.  Wayne and Marge had a surprise, a cap that they had customized just for me.

I Will Never Take It Off

And what made the cap so special?  Well, Marge was a teacher and do you remember when you were little and one of the categories on your report card was "Plays Well With Others"?  You know, that whole share the toy dump truck when you were playing in the sandbox thing.  Marge decided that I needed an update.

So Glad I Got Out Of That Sandbox

At least I didn't get a dreaded "N" for needs improvement.  Nothing worse than getting held back in kindergarten.  I have seen what a lifetime of the sandbox can do to a man's (girls never get held back in kindergarten) lungs.  Of course that chalk dust from clapping erasers is something that nobody ever talks about.  The dreaded white-lung disease.

Anyway, for the second time I never got around to taking any pictures at Fusion Gourmet.  And it is a shame because it is a really lovely place that serves delicious food and has very attentative service.  I think we all just got to talking and having a good old time and the whole picture thing was forgotten.  I promise, though, I will go back again and I will wear the bloody camera around my neck to remind me.  I had a wonderful flank steak and will probably order it again it was so good.  And the Mysterious Chinese Woman said her shirmp was delicious.

And I haven't forgotten Pipi, but once again, that will have to wait for another post.

Still Having A Good Time

Okay, I didn't take any pictures while I was at Fusion Gourmet, but when I broke out the leftovers to make an omelette this morning I took a couple.

The Leftover Flank Steak And Trimmings

And The Resultant Omelette

As Alton Brown would say, "Good Eats."

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