Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Day On Pig Island

Yesterday was a perfect day for a visit to Pig Island.  Well, actually, it is Governor's Island, but who cares.  I am sure there were a lot more pigs than governors on the island.  And, when you think about it, no pigs have been governor, but some governors have been pigs.

Getting there was pretty cool.  Just down Atlantic Avenue, past the Waterfront Ale House, Floyd's, Atlantic Chip Shop, The Roebling Inn, La Mancha and Montero is the new park and a pier where you can catch a free ferry Governor's Island.  Luckily it wasn't noon yet so I wasn't tempted to stop into any off those places to get an early start on my day.

Just Like Having A Private Yacht

The Pig Island affair started at 11:30 AM and we didn't want to miss anything so we left our place a little past 10:00 AM.  Still, a short line that had already formed.  I didn't know exactly what the ferry schedule was, but I think it runs about every half an hour or so.

The Line Up

The Mysterious Chinese Woman was bundled up a bit because the day did start out quite cool.  At least she was wide awake.  Check out the gal who is yawning.

Where's My Coffee?

We didn't really have much of a wait, maybe about ten minutes or so.

All Aboard

It kind of reminded me of the ferry to Fire Island.  Quite a bit smaller, but with the same kind of island bound passengers.

A Happy Crowd Streaming Aboard

It is a very short ride, about ten minutes or so, so soon we were all getting out at the other side.

Land, Land At Last

Most of the people were not going to the barbecue.  There is a lot of other stuff to do on Governor's Isand.  Picnic grounds, bicycle and hiking paths (you can rent bicycles, two hours for fifteen bucks) and even a few volleyball courts.

Miami In The Shadow Of Manhattan

This volleyball court is right in front of Water Taxi Beach where there is a bar and a beachside cafe and tables for just sitting and taking in the view.  They also have concerts here during the summer.  One of those little gems so close to where I live and yet I had never been here before.

So Near, And Yet So Far

Now that I know how easy it is to get here I will be sure to visit it more often.  Certainly I will be hitting it next summer.

We had to hike a bit before we came upon the Pig Island affair.

Through The Tunnel

Across The Meadow

And Into The Line

I was getting a bit impatient because it looked like they were letting a few people in but taking forever to check the tickets or whatever it was they were doing.

What Is Going On?

My impatience was unwarranted.  They went about everything most efficiently.  They were only letting a few workers in, apparently.  At about 11:15 AM staff members went out to the line, checked your tickets, and then applied an orange wristband.  A few other members checked IDs and if you were 21 or over stamped your hand.  When the gates did open at 11:30 AM, as advertised, there was no hold-up at the gate whatsoever.

Streaming On In

The first hold-up was at the beer tent where they weren't set up yet.

Now Where Does This Hose Go?

Luckily there was a nearby winery that was showing off their wares and giving out samples.

A Little Port In A Storm

I hadn't planned on starting my beer and barbecue debauchery with a wee glass of white wine, but hey, What can you do?

Just Making Do

Of course there is a lot more Pig Island affair stuff, probably another two postings.  Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the story.

There Will Be Pigs

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