Monday, September 06, 2010

So Slooow

I do have an internet connection on das boot, but it is agonizingly, teeth-grindingly slow.  The very idea of uploading a picture is unthinkable.  It looks like I will have to wait until I get to Prague to post anything of significance.

On the bright side, I paid 50 Euros for the all you can drink package on the ship.  Unlimited beer and an open bar.  Good stuff too.  Last night I closed the bar up drinking rusty nails, and they used Famous Grouse scotch, not a shabby brand.  Plus this package lets you select quality wines with your meal so you don't have to drink the cheap stuff like the people in steerage.

So far the cruise has been great.  Sorry the connection is so slow but eventually I will post more with pictures.  Until then, however, you will probably only get short narratives about my journey.

Why is it that they always say that the winner of the match at the U.S. Open had to overcome the wind?  Didn't the loser have to contend with the same conditions?

Free (kind of) beer awaits me so I shall bid you all Uff Wider Stein and may all of your internet connections be faster than mine.

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