Thursday, August 12, 2010


The first two pages in the New York Daily News sports section are about, not the Yankees, not the Mets, not the Jets, not the Giants, not even Tiger Woods.  It is about, hold your breath, Isiah Thomas.

And, in a shocking turn of events, it wasn't the NCAA, that bastion of morality and all things holy, except perhaps graduating athletes that read at about the 6th grade level and passing out greenies like they are candy and coaches that make millions.  But, then again, I graduated from the University of Minnesota and I couldn't make one out of ten free throws (wait, neither can Shaq).  It was the NBA that other upholder of all things moral (except for drinking, drugs, assualt and battery, imprisonment, you name it) that said this was just too much.

Hell, Isiah pushed K-Rod's arrest for assualt and battery against his father-in-law to to the second pages of the sports section (although it did make the front page right next to J. Lo's being rejected as an American Idol judge).

Too much Isiah, you have got to be kidding.

Nude female dwarf mud-wrestling is a step up from the Knicks, the NBA (King James with the "CHOSEN 1" tatoo across his back) and professional sports (how can I feed my family on just $12 million a year) in general.

Female dwarfs with a bikini wax are hot.

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