Saturday, June 19, 2010

Say What???

Now I normally like Dave Barry and consider him to be one of the funniest humor writers around.  However, in a recent recent issue of AARP  he was talking about his recent colonoscopy and said "I like the drug they give you - propofol, I think it's called.  I think it should be part of my day, really."

Given Micahel Jackson's recent death as a result of abusing propofol, I am surprised he would say such a thing.  And I am equally surprised that AARP would publish his comment.

Oh yeah, another reason I am not going to the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island today;  last year, after spending who knows how much on beers at Ruby's Bar & Grill, they charged $1 to use their bathroom.  I still think that, in addition to being morally indefensible, this might actually be illegal.  I think that in New York a bar has to provide a restroom for their customers.  And I don't think they are allowed to charge you.

Speaking of restrooms, Montero's, as many of you know, is one of the last waterfront dive bars in my neighborhood.  However, it is also the closest place with a bathroom to the newly opened Brooklyn Bridge Park area at the foot of Atlantic Avenue.  As a result, young mothers and nannies taking their toddlers to and from the park seemed to think it was perfectly acceptable to use Montero's as a public restroom.  To Montero's credit they quickly put a stop to this by posting signs saying that their restrooms are for customers only.

When you start to see strollers in Hank's Saloon and Montero's you know the world has turned upsidedown.