Sunday, October 04, 2009

Magic Number???

Be still my beating heart. The Twins and Tigers are all tied up for the American League Central Divison Title going into the final game of the season. How much closer can a race be? A win by one team and a loss by the other and it is all over for somebody. Otherwise it will be a one-game playoff for all the marbles.

At the risk of alienating any Tiger fans who may follow my blog:


And really, Kent Hrbek should be in the Hall Of Fame.

Hope to see you at the Atlantic Antic today. I will be popping in and out of bars all afternoon checking on the progress of both the Jets and the Twins as well as keeping my eye on the Tigers. Should be a fun-filled day with all kinds of posibilities for drama.

Oh, and the magic number for the Knicks? That would be 269 - the number of days until LeBron becomes a free agent. How embarassing that they even put this in the paper every day.