Friday, September 25, 2009

Good News

The Mysterious Chinese Woman went to visit her equally Mysterious Mother yesterday and when she came home and said she was just sooooo tired and couldn't we just go out to eat. I guess practicing spells and stirring cauldrons all day will tucker a person out.

We decided to head to Thai Kitchen again. We ate there not too long ago and really liked the place.

Thai Kitchen

Last time we were there I had the grilled fish special. I can't remember exactly how they made it. I do remember I thought it was excellent and the Mysterious Chinese Woman really liked it as well. This time they didn't have any grilled fish specials, but they did have two grilled fish dishes on the menu, tamarind and garlic. We decided to have one of each.

The Tamarind One

I took a picture of the garlic one, but I mistakenly deleted it for no real reason. It looked kind of like the tamarind one but darker and with no peppers and onions on top. Actually, except for the eyes it didn't look anything at all like the tamarind one.

But, they were both really delicious. In fact this place has some of the best grilled snapper that I have ever had anywear. It may very well be the very best. Perfectly done, nice and moist, on the inside with a perfect crispy skin. And the sauces, or whatever you call them, are equally tasty. The are very flavorful but still seem to enhance, but not overpower, the fish. And that is tricky. There wasn't a bit of either fish remaining when we finished.

My only minor complaint is that my garlic fish sauce was a bit on the salty side, but then I don't use a lot of salt so I am a bit sensitive to it. Also, if you ate the fish with the side of rice that they give you, probably as you are supposed to do, it would be just about right.

Now for the good news, Armando's will be opening soon.

Grand Opening

The place is just about ready, and it looks really nice. The furniture is certainly newer and a bit more sedated, brown being the primary color. The new bar is a nice white marble. And the picture of Marilyn Monroe is back up, although in a different place, above what will soon be my favorite table in the back.

I would be at the grand opening on Monday except I have tickets for the one and only Yankees game I will be going to this year.

Going to be making another batch of Carolina pulled pork for a "tailgate" party on Sunday. I pretty much posted everything about making this the last time I did it so I may post a few pictures of the process, but I won't bore you with a full recounting.