Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Trip To London

Once, long ago, before I was the Bar Man, I took a trip to London. Today, while tidying up my apartment a bit, I stumbled across the notebook that I had with me at the time. A notebook in which I seemed to record nothing but the pubs I drank in and what I had. Even back well over twenty years ago I had that interest that would ultimately propel me to my journey through a thousand bars.

Now I didn't seperately record what I had on each visit to a pub, and some, like the first pub listed, the Museum Tavern, I know I visited more than once.

So here, in roughly the order in which I first visited each establishmet, the name of the pub and what I drank:

Museum Tavern

Rayments Special Bitters
Brakspear Bitter
Brakspear Special
Green King IPA
Abbot Ale

The Crown

Tetley Bitters
Greene King
Castlemaine XXX Lager
Ind Coopers Burton Ale
John Bulls Bitters
Friary Meux Best Bitter

Two Brewers

Brakspear Bitters
Watney's Special Bitters

The Bow Bells

Addlestones Cider
Glenkinchie Single Malt

The Coach & Horses

Young's Special
Friary Meux Best Bitter

Sherlock Holmes

Wethered's Bitter
Whitbread's Best Bitter

The Clarence

Wadworth 6X
Webster's Yorkshire Bitters

The Old Shades

Worthington Best Bitter
Stone's Best Bitter

The Salisbury

Taylor Walker Best Bitter

The Red Lion

Ind Cooper's Burton Ale

Shipwright's Arms

Beamish Irish Stout
John Smith's Yorkshire Bitter
John Courage Directors Bitter
John Courage Best Bitter

The St. James

Woodpecker Cider
Ruddles Best Bitter


Newcastle Brown Ale
Wm Younger's IPA
McEwan's Export

The Priory Hotel

Boddington's Bitters
Murphy's Irish Stout

The Town Thistle Hotel

Tartan Stout

The Black Friar

Pedigree Bitter
Tennents Extra
Bass Ale

The Baynard Castle

Charington IPA Best Bitter
Worthington Bitter
Tetley Bitter
Pimm's and Tonic

Founder's Arms

Young's Bitter
Young's Special

Anchor Bank Side

Larkin's Brewery Best Bitter
John Smith's Yorkshire Bitter
Jameson Irish Whiskey

Sadly, I didn't take any notes about the pubs that I drank in. That aspect of my notetaking hadn't yet come to fruition. But now, at least, I can throw out that old beat-up notebook that has been knocking around my apartment for so many years.


Joe non Papa said...

Maybe they deserve a revisit. Sounds like a project! (Although like many places in your 1000 Bars project, a lot of those pubs will probably be gone by now.)

Bar Man said...

Yeah, and probably at least some of those beers are no longer being made.