Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Of Manhattan????

I just picked up the most recent edition of New York Press, a free weekly that is worth every penny of its price. Actually, it is a pretty decent read and I get my weekly fix of Drinky Crow, although in such a small format I need a magnifying glass to read it.

Anyway, this week's edition had a cover announcing it was "THE BEST OF MANHATTAN 2008" edition.

I almost gagged, considering that a large number of their best ofs seemed to be located in my favorite borough, Brooklyn.

I felt compelled to send them the following email:

Dear Sirs:

May I humbly suggest that your "The Best Of Manhattan 2008" edition was inappropriately named? It seems that a number of your Best Ofs were in boroughs other than Manhattan. My borough, Brooklyn, popped up numerous times including:

Best Straight First Date (Floyd)
Best Shrine To Obsessive-Compulsive Collecting (City Reliquary)
Best Indie Theater (BAM Rose Cinemas)
Best Reading Series (10-Minute Lecture Series at Melville House)
Best Bar For Ambience (Hotel Delmano)
Best Venue to Meet Its Untimely Demise (Studio B)
Best DIY Venue (Market Hotel)
Best Open-Air Venue (The Yard)
Best New Arts Space (Galapagos Art Space)
Best Gentrifying Beer Garden (Franklin Park)
Best Comeback That Kind of Sucks (Red Hook Soccer Fields)
Best Challah Bought Through a Grate After Midnight (Israel Beigel Baking Company)
Best Excuse To Eat With Your Hands (Ghenet)
Best Pile of Pig Served at a Bar (Brisket Pulled Pork Sandwiches at Brooklyn Ice House)
Best Grilled-Cheese Sandwich Eaten While Watching Go-Go Dancers (Barette)
Best Butcher Worth a Trip to Coney Island (Major Prime Meat Market)
Best Demise of a Landmark Brooklyn Bar (Rainbow Cafe)
Best Late-Night Sandwich (Hana Deli)
Best Fancy Pizza on a Shitty Block (Bar Tano)
Best Place to Defile Your Bod (Fly-Rite Tattoo)
Best Dry Cleaners (Ernest Winzer Cleaners)
Best New Place for Good Vibrations (Babeland Park Slope)
Best Book Store (Word)
Best Place to Stock up on Vintage Dresses without Spending a Fortune (Urban Jungle)

Whatever were you thinking?

Let's see if they print it.


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