Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jets Fan No More

Okay, don't get me wrong, I will still root for the Jets and wish them well, but the concept of being a fan, while waning for years, is now pretty much gone.

To have stuck with the Jets since they played at Shea Stadium hasn't been easy. But stick I did. I will have to admit though that when they played the Vikings in the play-offs a few years back my loyalties were indeed torn. I am originally from Minnesota and grew up with the Purple People Eaters.

Now this year the Jets have brought in an aging quarterback from the Vikings arch-rivals, the Packers. Whoo Whoo, the New York papers are going crazy. He will be the salvation of the Jets. Hell, he might even get them into the playoffs this year. Ah, so what. Didn't they make the playoffs in 2002 and then blow out Indianapolis in the first round with Chad Pennington. Oh, Chad also led the league in passer rating and completions percentage that year. And then in 2006 Chad got us into the playoffs again. But we sent him to Miami so maybe Favre can lead us to the playoffs this year. Am I missing something here? It wouldn't surprise me if the Dolphins have a better season than the Jets. Okay, so I am a bit bitter.

But that was nothing compared to the new Personal Seating Licenses and the increase in ticket prices announced by the Jets. I have three season tickets on about the five yard line. Nice tickets and this year they cost me $80 apiece. Now, to fund the new stadium being built (Favre will probably be retired for good by the time the Jets play in it) it looks like it will cost me $15,000 a ticket or $45,000 just for the rights to continue to buy my tickets. And, on top of that, the price of the tickets will go up 75% to $140 each.

Hey, professional sports are no longer about teams and fans and haven't been for a long time. Professional sports, no surprise, is just another business (except for maybe Roller Derby and Professional Wrestling). Oh, I will still root for the Jets, but I can no longer afford, emotionally or financially, to continue to be a fan.

Just had to get this off my chest. Man, $45,000, at $5 a beer that is 9,000 of them. And at $140 a seat times three, that is another 104 beers each week the Jets play a home game, including pre-season. Now that would be money well spent.

Actually, what with the real estate market in a free fall, I could probably use the $45,000 to buy a condo in Miami and root for Chad this year.

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Peter said...

I hear ya Dan. Get DirecTV and watch the Vikes and relive your youth!