Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cargo Cafe

Just a short walk from the Ferry Terminal on Staten Island is the Cargo Cafe. I was heading to a Cyclone/Yankee game but the Cargo Cafe is reason enough to go to Staten Island.

Cargo Cafe

And I love the giant killer parakeets that welcome you.

Where Is The Fifty Foot Woman?

The artist, Scott LoBaido has a somewhat twisted sense of humor. A number of interesting paintings by him adorn the walls and the large painting above the bar certainly catches your eye.

Bar Man And His Martini

The martini was fine, but not what I really wanted. They didn't have enough Bombay Gin to make a martini, which I thought was strange. Usually bars keep back-up bottles and it isn't too often that you see a bottle behind the bar and can't actually get a drink out of it. I am flexible though so I ordered a Beefeater Gibson instead. Well that didn't work out either because they didn't have any cocktail onions. No big deal, I had it with an olive instead. At least they didn't have those huge olives that are totally inappropriate, but the little ones that they had did have pimentos. I prefer the olives without them, but then I am kind of fussy.

The interior is quite cozy while still being spacious.

A Comfortable Atmosphere

There is a pool table up front that was getting a bit of action and several people were having an early dinner. The couple at the bar was having a drink while they waited to get some food to go.

There is a fairly large back room and they have live music twice a week. Mostly local musicians and there is no cover charge. Dominating the room is a wall featuring the Rat Pack.

Just Like Vegas

They have n nice menu that has a number of Mexican dishes as well as an interesting selection of, I don't know, American maybe, selections. Traditional burgers are available but they also have things like a Jamaican Jerk Pork Wrap with pepper jack cheese and caramelized onions.

We started out with pierogis served with brown butter and onions and a generous dollop of sour cream.

Simply Delicious

These were really good and would easily make a light meal for one. They were nicely crisped and not at all heavy and doughy like you find in some places.

For the main course I opted for Mamma Dave's Beef Short Ribs with a chipotle and orange sauce served over mashed potatoes.

Nice Looking Ribs

As you can see, the portions here are most generous and the ribs were done to perfection. Nicely crisped falling off the bone tender. My only disappointment was that they were a bit on the bland side. But I am a bit of a chile head and I was hoping for more of a kick from the chipotles. Now don't get me wrong, these were very good and I would certainly consider having them again and would have no hesitation recommending them to someone else.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman opted for the Garlic Rubbed Grilled Mahi Mahi that came with fresh tomato and arugala and a large portion of French fries. I can attest to the fact that the French fries were great, nice and crispy. I suspect the Mahi Mahi was good as well, although I didn't get to taste it. I was offered the pickle, though.

Fish And Chips, Cargo Style

The last time I was here I had the Skirt Steak with and Adobe Garlic Rub that came with mashed potatoes and onions and I remember that I really liked it. I think that is what I will have the next time I come here, and I will come here again. You get a lot of bang for you buck, the Mahi Mahi sandwich was only $9 and the Mamma Dave's Short Ribs were a reasonable $19. And before I get any comments, "Mamma" is spelled that way on the menu, I double checked.

I couldn't help but notice a row of high-heeled shoes hanging from the ceiling. Reminded me of a limerick about a woman from Norway hanging by her heels in the doorway, but we won't go into that here.

Heels Hanging From The Ceiling

Of course I spent the entire meal pondering why they were there before nocticing this sign on the back wall.

Free Drinks For The Ladies

This really is a great restaurant and a decent enough bar. If it was in my neighborhood I would certainly eat here on a regular basis. As it is I will have to make a point of heading here again in the not too distant future. Maybe on a Wednesday or Thursday when they have their live music. I will probably avoid Sunday nights though when they have a trivia contest. Well, maybe not. I kind of wonder what the host, Kosmic Kevin, is like.

One word of warning, there are two bathrooms, one up front by the pool table and one in the back by the kitchen. Neither one is marked, but traditionally the men use the one up front and the women use the one in the back. I was informed of this on my way out of the "women's" room.

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