Monday, April 14, 2008

Shooting At The Western

Just thought I would post some breaking news about The Western Hotel, a place I not only drink at on occasion, but also stay when I visit friends in Callicoon, a small town in upstate New York.

CALLICOON - A 41-year-old Callicoon woman was shot and killed in the bar of the Western Hotel early this morning, the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office says.

Lori A. Schubeler, a long-time waitress at the hotel, was shot around 12:30 a.m. and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sullivan County District Attorney Steve Lungen says police are still investigating whether the shooting was accidental or not.

No one else was injured and detectives are interviewing persons who were present at the time of the incident.

No arrests have been made, officials said.

I will keep you posted with any new developments.

Below you can see my original post about The Western Hotel, bar number 672 on my journey towards 1000.

672) The Western Hotel

This hotel was built in 1852 and still retains much of the same feeling of that long ago era. The current owner, a real character named Joe Naughton, has owned the place since 1969 and he and his wife Leona have spent a lot of time and energy selecting antique furniture and fixtures for the tap room, lobby, and dining room. The bar top itself is fairly new looking but I suspect that is just because it is so well taken care of. The front of the bar has a rough brick front and a brass rail The back bar is quite ornate with mirrors and cabinets with glass door at each end. There is kind of a plain red Formica top above coolers with wooden doors and silver latches and handles. A World War II era Marine issue shotgun with a bayonet hangs above the mirrors. The walls are dark red paneling and there is a new television above the jukebox on the wall opposite the bar. I don’t recall ever seeing the old one turned on though and this one was turned off too.

There is an old barber chair off to one side and an upright piano that was being played by a young girl who was attending a wake. Apparently it was just breaking up because there were a number of people at the bar saying their goodbyes. It was one of the cheeriest wakes I had ever seen. In fact I asked the bartender if there was a wedding party going on.

If you ever get to Callicoon be sure to stop in and say “Hi” to Joe. And if you want a place to stay, this is your only choice. Unless you want to stay at the Olympia next door.

I had a glass of Sarnac Pale Ale.


Larry said...

I knew Lori, albeit casually, from my occasional visits to the liquor store behind the Western in Callicoon, NY. I just heard about this shooting from someone in town. The marine shotgun you mentioned may have been the one that fired the fatal shot. Joe was showing it to someone when it went off accidentally. I have no idea why it would have been loaded!

It is a sad day in Callicoon, and my prayers go out to Lori and her family.

nipsum said...

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Bar Man said...

Latest news indicates that the weapon was a .25 caliber pistol and, although old, was not an antique.

One newspaper article said the shooter did not know the victim, so that would eliminate Joe.

I have to say though, the news about this, four days after the shooting, has been very scarce.

CuznDon said...

My note to her family today after her funeral in Ohio:
My deepest sympathies and condolences over the loss of Lori. May she be at peace.
I will miss Lori very much. She served me many times with attention and detail at The Western for the last three years.
We became friendly and enjoyed many a conversation. We were able to open up to each other in a rare way.
I always felt a kinship with her because we were both understanding and compassionate.
I fondly recall her practicing her acting parts and admired her command in becoming her character.
She had a great singing and acting voice that will be missed by many in the Catskill foothills and Delaware Valley area.

Charles P Rosen said...

I went to college with Lori, and she was such an amazing spirit. Tons of laughs and although I hadn't spoken to her in many years, I am so very saddened by her tragic end. My prayers to all that knew her. May she rest in peace.

Unknown said...

Do you have an update to this story? I moved to a small town near there and had been in the Western Hotel a few times about 6 years ago and found the owner quite unpleasant, sarcastic and somewhat of a misogynist.
This is my opinion only.
After 4 visits,I never returned.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

it's really very sad moments !!
Sullivan County NY properties