Friday, January 04, 2008

Lazy Man's Tailgating

Well, I guess we are all getting old. And, perhaps, a bit fed up with how we are being treated by the Jets. Not just the losing season, but the limited parking access that has broken up the old tailgate parties and even no beer policies that aren't pre-announced. This might have been the last year for the old gang.

Given the crappy weather forecast for last Sunday, some of us decided an indoor tailgate party was the way to go.

Bob, Bar Man, Bernie in the Good Seats

You will notice that we did hang up a 3B sign for nostalgia's sake. And our view of the game was much better than if we had actually gone to the game.

Better Than The Fifty-Yard Line

We brought along a new mascot too. My sister-in-law Paula Sue sent me this nifty wine-bottle holder for my birthday. I had an old bottle of Gridiron Cuvee with a picture of Don Maynard on the label that I thought would be perfect for the occasion.

Our Mascot

We did do a bit of grilling and I was in charge of the ribs. Actually, I had pre-prepared a couple of racks with my special spice rub, but I forgot them. Luckily we found a butcher shop that had some nice ones and with a couple of bottles of Hoboken Eddie's barbecue sauce we were able to save the day.

Cook Em' Low And Slow

Much better food and drink service than you find at the stadium, no two ways about that.

Just Like Box Seats

And, the best part, you have room to stretch out and watch overtime in comfort.

Ah, This Is Living

Maybe staying at home brings the Jets luck, they actually won in overtime.

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