Wednesday, June 13, 2007


After a brief intermission we are back to Monteverde. We headed out in the morning to take a walk through a cloud forest. Feels like walking in a grandiose green cathedral, albeit a damp and muddy cathedral.

Heading Out

It was an interesting hike though, and the Mysterious Chinese Woman had never been to anything like a rain forest before. She is interested in things botanical so for her this was a real treat.

We weren't really walking above the cloud forest too much, that was supposed to be later in the afternoon. This bridge did give a nice perspective though as you could look down upon the forest floor from tree-top level.

Heading Across The Bridge

We saw an abundance of strange flowers but, sadly, not too many birds and none that you could really get a picture of.




Strange Growing Thing

You may have noticed that Bar Man isn't real good when it comes to writing about nature. On the other hand, The Mysterious Chinese Woman was getting up close and personal with it.

Up Close And Personal

Like any good National Park there was a large souvenir shop. This one at least featured someone actually making souvenirs. He did a pretty good job of it too.

Blowing Glass

The finished products were quite attractive and, I thought, reasonably priced.

The Finished Product

Not too far away we saw where he got his inspiration.


There were a lot of hummingbirds buzzing around feeders that had been set out, and I do mean a lot. Kind of wish I had a fly-swatter with me.

A Hummingbird Extravaganza

I was told that at dusk the hummingbirds leave and bats swoop in to feed. They stay for an hour or so until they drain the feeders and then head off to feed on nectar. That would have been interesting to see.

Unfortunately our afternoon sky-walk, which was to consist of walking across swinging bridges above tree-top level, was rained out. Although this was the start of the rainy season, what we got was well beyond the norm. There were two tropical storms, one in the Pacific and one in the Mediterranean, no, wait, that would be the Caribbean (thanks Peter) that were dumping water all across Costa Rica. It was a deluge. In fact it rained so hard that there was a mini-mudslide at the neighboring hotel so the people staying their couldn't even get to their rooms. They were forced, forced I tell you, to hang out at the bar. I felt so badly that I rushed over to console them.

Bar Man Offering Consolation

After my rum and coke I was encouraged to try a shot of their local rum. They drink it almost like you would drink a shot of tequila, with salt and lime. It really wasn't bad at all. In fact it was a lot smoother than a lot of tequilas I have had.

The Local Favorite

Tomorrow we are going to try for the sky-walk again. Only a few of us were booked for that. The rest of the group had been scheduled to do one of those zip-line things. They were much more bummed out than we were because for many of them that was to be the hi-lite of their trip. They are going to give it another shot as well. And, by golly, I think I will have another shot too.


Peter said...
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Peter said...

Excellent updates Dan, looks like a great trip.

I like the nod to Chaos Theory in there as well. Was it a butterfly that flapped it wings in the Med. which effected (affect?) Costa Rican weather?

I know, everyone's a critic . . .

Looking forward to the tree top tour highlights.

Bar Man said...

Mediterranean, Caribbean, at least they rhyme.

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