Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mentos and Cola

Ah, the day started out serene enough with a quiet stroll across the bridge between Callicoon and Pennsylvania. From the tranquil look of the Deleware river you would hardly know that a week ago a lot of this town near the river was covered in water.

Scenes From The Bridge

But, as is often the case, serenity doesn't last. Over breakfast I mentioned the recent craze involving mentos and diet cola. Surprisingly enough, this was not common knowledge amongst my companions so, of course, we had to buy a couple bottles of Diet Coke and try it out for ourselves.

Our first attempts, using one liter bottles, did not produce the spectacular results that we had hoped for.

Steven Dropping A Load

Less Than Spectacular Results

Not to be deterred, we decided to restock our supplies and use the larger two liter bottles.

The Gang Gathering

As is natural for a group such as this, we chose the youngest member be our volunteer for the new attempts.

Andy Decked Out For Duty

Our first attempt started slowly enough.

Slow Start

However, we hadn't counted on Andy's conjuring skills.

Andy Doing His Stuff

The final results were most gratifying indeed.

Lift Off

Of course we weren't satisfied with doing this just once so we had to try it out with Diet Pepsi too, and that worked just as well if not better. We also captured the often talked about, but seldom seen, double.

The Elusive Double Geyser

Finally, exhausted from our efforts, we were able to retire for our cake and to continue to celebrate Shirley's birthday.

Happy Birthday Shirley