Friday, June 09, 2006

Greek Festival

Greek Festival

At least once a year (it seems more like once a month) the Greek Orthodox Church down the block from me holds a week-long festival that is always a lot of fun. They block off the street and there is a plenty of Greek food, some of it furnished by local restaurants and some of it brought in by members of the church. They also grill a lot of lamb and chicken for shish-kabobs that they are really great. The lamb, in particular, is always very flavorful and quite delicious. Sometimes they will have a goat on a spit but I didn't see it this time. I can never get any anyway because the church members seem to know just when it is going to be done and gobble it all up before I get there.

The Bar

Not much of a bar here, but you can get cheap beer and wine and the stronger stuff as well. Now that is something you never saw at the sphagetti dinners at North Methodist Church in Minneapolis where I grew up. They even used grape juice for communion.

I had a plastic glass of 2004 Makedonikos White from the Tsantali vinyard in Greece. The Tsantalis have been making wine and distilling Tsipouro and Ouzo in eastern Thraki for over 100 years. It was a decent tasting wine and went perfectly with my lamb shish-kabob