Monday, November 14, 2005

Back In The Hood

After taking the weekend off I decided to just stick close to home today and check out bar that I haven’t been to for a long time, and for no good reason.

934) Brooklyn Inn

This bar, at the intersection of Hoyt and Bergen, is a real find in my neighborhood. Just a block off trendy Smith Street sits this venerable and somewhat overlooked gem of a neighborhood bar. A classic old wooden topped bar with a protruding wooden arm rest. The front is elaborately carved dark wood with a narrow foot rest. The bar chairs around the bar and the stools around the walls, some with ledges for drinks, are the only things in here that look new. The chairs have black metal legs and black vinyl seats and backs. The stools have shiny tubular legs and round black vinyl seats. There are two silver beer stations on the bar, one with six spigots and the other with two. Hanging over the bar are old milk glass light fixtures that give off a warm orange glow but not a great deal of light.

Behind the bar are old wooden cabinets, some with small glass windowed doors, and drawers, all with brass handles. Two sets of tiered shelves on top hold the liquor with the silver cash register between them. Panels of mirrors go almost up to the ceiling but end at a slightly arched dark wood decoratively carved panel. To the left is a dark wood panel that looks like it could be the back of an elaborate breakfront. It has three small square mirrors topped by two larger rectangular mirrors flanking an old, intricate stained glass panel that is lit from behind.

The walls here are all dark wood paneling except for the back wall in the back room which is a dark rose. There is a pool table in the back room under three old lights. Three stained glass panels are mounted on the archway separating the front bar from the back room. One has the letter H on it and the other the letter N. Nobody seemed to know what they stood for though. The ceiling is patterned brown tin and, in addition to the lights over the bar, has old-fashioned fans hanging from it. The floor is old wood. Wrapping around the two sides facing the street are large paneled windows.

This is a classic old Brooklyn neighborhood bar and I highly recommend that if you are visiting Smith Street, or even if you aren’t, you do yourself a favor and pop in. It is close to the subway too.

I had a draft Dentergems, Wit, a Belgium beer that was a bit spicier than many. It was quite good. A lazy day but an enjoyable one. Just one bar hit with 66 left to go.