Saturday, August 20, 2005

750 At Duff's

Well, we did it, number 750 at Duff's and it was a blast. We got cranking at about 4:00 P.M. on the outside deck with beers.

Early Arrivals Bernie, Bar Man, Peter, Terry, Linda and Jan

Then the party supplies arrived via hearse.

The action then moved inside a bit where Bar Man got pointers on making an excellent margarita from Miki, our bartender.

Then "The Man" himself, Jimmy Duff, showed up to crank up the action a notch or two.

My brother-in-law Jim, the guy who started me off on this long trek way back on New Years day arrived too.

Jim, Bar Man, and Bernie

And Larry, the guy who cranked out the Associated Press article at the number 500 celebration showed up too, but only to party.

Mr. Duff also ordered special D.T.B.M. (Dan The Bar Man) caps and generously gave me one of his coveted Duff's Alcohol Abuse Center shirts.

Well, needless to say, a great time was had by all and I am sure the partying continued well after Bar Man toddled off home after way too many margaritas.

Only one for the day, but what did you expect? I am taking some time off now because my nephew will be visiting for a bit and he is a bit too young to join the Junior Bar Man auxilliary. Next week I shall be back at it again though, so see you then.


josh williams said...

How does the saying go? "It aint a party unless everyone is invited". Thank you for not excluding me, however I am working so as generate tax revenue for my state, because we have a lot of road work to do back here in Indiana. JW

josh williams said...

"Must have been a train that took me away from you but a train will bring me hoooome". Tom Waits
Now I sign off from a previous post its hard to sing like Tom but it sure is fun to try. JW

paula said...

Is Charlie coming to visit you?

paula said...

Is Charlie coming to New York?

Bar Man said...

Charlie is here.

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