Tuesday, May 10, 2005

When Harry Meets Sally

490) Harringtons

This is a new bar and restaurant at 370 7th Avenue, between 30th and 31st, not far from Madison Square Garden. It has only been open for about four weeks and is quite large and fancy. The bar is kind of an elongated Z shape and has a nice marble top as well as a marble foot rest. Three sets of a dozen silver spigots pop up from the bar but they all serve the same beers. The bar chairs are gray with fabric seats. Seven flat screen televisions are mounted on the light wood paneled wall behind the bar. There are also tiered shelves that hold plenty of liquor. The ceilings are quite high and there is a mezzanine type seating area. Part of the ceiling looks like hammered tin and the rest is a decorative tile with a marble-like pattern. Above the bar lights with interestingly shaped glass shades hang from chains. There is a lot of stone work, columns and on the walls.

The bar area is separated from the dining area by a very ornate divider topped by stained and patterned frosted glass. Little lights are mounted on the columns between the partitions. A ledge runs along the partitions with stools in front of it. There are a few sports related pictures on the wall but this place is more elegant than cluttered. I didn’t make it upstairs or into the dining area but they were both doing a lively lunch business. The Irish bartenders (one had just come over from Ireland) were very friendly. I discussed Irish football, Australian rules football, and stadium construction with one of them. Apparently they have issues in Ireland that are similar to the ones here regarding the construction of a new stadium. Also, once every couple of years there is a match between Irish footballers and Australian footballers with modified rules. According to the bartender the Australians are more physical but the Irish are quicker. There you have it.

I had a Tanqueray and tonic.

491) Mustang Harry’s

Not a new place, but elegant nonetheless, if a bit more worn. It is located at 352 7th Avenue. A long wooden bar with a brass rail. The bar chairs have seats covered in fabric in a couple of different patterns. Lots of televisions mounted all over the place but they are the older, smaller screen type. Nicely framed mirrors behind the bar above brown wooden shelves holding the liquor supply. An arched wooden slated ceiling that kind of reminded me of the warped floor of an old roller rink was supported by red metal pole like structures. Kind of an interesting juxtaposition and not unpleasing. Several of the televisions were mounted on the red supports. Flying saucer-like lights hung from the ceiling but they didn’t seem to give of much light. There are two wooden columns separating the mirrors behind the bar and sitting atop them are figurines of various types staring down at you. The walls are a nice yellow with red hi-lights.

The wall behind the bar chairs is lined with booths separated from each other by wood and patterned frosted glass dividers. There is a large red plush settee under a mirror in the entry way. Dark gray and greenish-gray tiles on the floor. Kind of blurry cityscapes painted on the walls high above the bar and a couple of small stained glass windows up there too. Quite a nice place.

I had a Tanqueray and tonic.

492) Seven

Just next door, at 350 7th Avenue, was this place that had a style that looked like a cross between art deco and someone’s living room. The first things that catch your eye are two very large crystal chandeliers hanging from the somewhat drab looking ceiling. In fact, the ceiling looks like something you would see if you looked up in one of the older subway stations. Kind of a fuzzy brown. But that is the only thing in here that isn’t pretty nice. The entry way, that is black metal and glass windows and door looking out onto the street, has marble walls and a curved patterned ceiling. Stuffed sofas and hassocks with little tables give you a place to wait for a table it is crowded.

The bar is a long wooden affair with an interesting square metal rail for your foot. About every six chairs is a yellow glass partition sitting atop a wooden base. Sitting atop the bar are little old fashioned lights with fabric shades that look like truncated pyramids and are dark tan with black thread-like fibers running through them. Behind the bar is a light wooden affair with glass shelves and mirrors. Above that is a black metal catwalk that gives access to a large collection of wine. Partitioned booths line the wall behind the bar chairs. The bar chairs have bale green seats and backs. A small two level dining area is in the back and the kitchen is open to view to the lower level. There is also a small, secluded dining area downstairs. Nice wood floor throughout the place except for the very front where there are large rectangular tiles of yellow, pink, and gray.

I had a Tanqueray and tonic.

493) Ginger House

Fate pulled me into this place. I was actually heading into the Triple Crown next door but this doorway was in the way. I see a door, I walk in. I felt like I had walked into a place in Chinatown. It had an all Chinese staff and had the hustle and bustle and loud talk and clanking of dishes that you don’t usually find in this area of town. I felt, somehow, at home. There is a fairly small wooden bar that is suitably beat up and would look at home in an Irish pub, and it does have a brass rail. Two large mirrors are behind the bar above tiered shelves holding a small liquor selection. Asian style lamps hang from chains above the bar. There is a large grandfather clock sitting at one end of the bar. Reminded me of when I was in the Forbidden City (which now has a Starbucks on the premises) in Beijing. There is an impressive collection of clocks on display there because, apparently, the various emperors were somewhat fascinated by them and often received them as gifts from visiting dignitaries. There is an ornate model of an Asian three masted sailing vessel sitting on a shelf behind the bar. A few brick walls and a fake stone back wall. Ducks, hanging by their necks, were being slow cooked in the bustling kitchen behind the bar chairs. They have a fairly brisk take-out and delivery business going. I chatted with the female bartender a bit but she was quite busy doing accounts.

I had a gin and tonic.

494) The Triple Crown

Well, I didn’t have far to get here, right next door at 330 7th Avenue. But then all of the bars I visited today are on a two block stretch. A bit of the old Irish bar look to this place. A long wooden bar with a wooden foot rest. Nice chandelier-like nights above the bar. Vinyl covered bar chairs, but the vinyl looks like fabric. Irish flags on display. There is an elaborate wooden back to the bar with mirrors, cupboards, shelves, small wine racks, and drawers. Square wooden columns run down the length of the place and they have lights mounted on each of the four sides. Little tables project out from each column with a couple of stools by them. The wall behind the bar chairs is wood and has booths running its length. There are pictures of race horses mounted on the wall (get it, Triple Crown).

I had a Newcastle Brown Ale

495) Mustang Sally’s

This is Mustang Harry’s sister bar and is located about a block away from it at 324 7th Avenue. There is a nice long wooden bar with a brass rail. This bar also had dividers between the chairs at the bar, but these are wood and frosted glass with designs etched into them. You can at least look through these if you want to do so. Elaborate cabinets are behind the bar with mirrors, glass shelves, wine bins, coolers with wooden doors and a couple of small televisions. The bar chairs have turquoise vinyl seats. Booth behind the bar stools have round street lamp like lights sitting on top of the columns in front of the glass partitions that separate them. Some flying saucer type lights hang over the three tables in front of the place. The floor has tiles reddish tiles. There are a couple of oddly positioned televisions behind and above one end of the bar. Kind of a dark brown tin ceiling. One very drunk and very loud guy at a booth reminiscing about the Knicks golden years.

I had a Tanqueray and tonic.

An excellent day in terms of progress made, and an enjoyable one as well. I hit six bars bringing my total to 495 for the year with 505 left to go. I plan on hitting four bars tomorrow and then taking Thursday and Friday off in preparation for my 500th bar at The Gate on Saturday.


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