Saturday, May 14, 2005

500th AT THE GATE - Part Two

Okay, here is the "official" write-up of The Gate, courtesy of my brother-in-law Jim. He did such a good job I would like him to follow me around and do all of my write-ups. Sad to say he has other obligations.

500) The Gate

The Gate, located on the corner of 5th ave and 3rd st in Park Slope, Brooklyn, is an exceptional neighborhood bar. When you walk in you feel right at home. Wood floors and built in benches (The wood backs are there but there are some stools instead of true benches.) create the feel of an English Pub. The main room is spacious and the lighting is intimate ( Provided by these lovely little frosted hanging lamps, made of a amber glass, very Pottery Barn.) very conducive to a long night of drinking and talking. Besides the wood paneling there is brick work on the upper half of the wall opposite the very spacious mirror backed bar. Little green x-mas lights around the bar mirror and various wall decorations, ranging from Celtic like garden fixtures to a wall of mirrors, round out the decor.

The rest of the Gate consists of a small alcove (you can sit a small group 8-10 people) right by the stairs leading to the bathrooms (which, for good or bad has chairs for you to sit in while you wait.) There is also a sidewalk sitting area that is on the 3rd street side, very roomy and I do believe they do B-B-Q in the
summers. Check out for more info. There is also a secret little room behind the stairs, I think, or thats where they keep the garbage. Hey Dan, hopefully the description meets your approval, I even mentioned the lamps.

As for the beer, top notch! They have 24 beers on tap. Ranging from standards like Guinness and Harp to micro staples like Dog Fish and Stone "Arrogant Bastard" Ale to imports like Fullers of London. A good mix of flavors all and all. Finally, the
thing that really made the bar was the exceptional bar staff. Jesse, the tattoo festooned barkeep and Megan, the cute blond barkeep. Male and female respectively for those of you who care. They were attentive, sometimes getting your drink before you ask and they actually knew their beers. In this day and age thats amazing or maybe I frequent bars of questionable repute. So there you go, give it 5 stars , two thumbs up or any measure of rating you like but do stop by if you are in Park Slope.

Thank you Jim for your exceptionally lucid write-up because I was probably a bit less than lucid at the end. I had several beers of various types so will not single any out. They were all good. Suffice it to say it was bar number 500 for the year leaving me with 500 to go.


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