Friday, March 04, 2005

Slow Day

Today was a bit of a slow day. We went to the production of Manhattan Music at the Santa Barbara Theater last night. I had talked to the owner earlier about my thousand-bar quest. After the performance he had me get up on the stage and introduced me to the audience. Their was a photographer from the Vallarta Tribue and he took a few pictures. Supposedly one or more of them will be in next week´s edition of the paper. We shall see, and I will keep you posted.

291) Que?Pasa

This place is right upstairs to the Santa Barbara Theater so I popped in for a quick drink before the performance. It had a gray marble bar and a red tile floor. The place was pretty crowded and it was open-mic night. The guy singing was pretty good. There were a lot of Christmas tree lights strewn about and those lite-from-within tin star things hanging from the ceiling. This place used to be owned by the same people that own the Santa Barbara Theater and they used to have a weekly bingo game that was quite fun. Sadly, they have been discontinued.

I had a gin and tonic and headed back for the show.

After the show we just headed home. Not much progress, as I said, but nibbling away and now 709 left to go.