Saturday, March 05, 2005

Another Slow Saturday

Didn't do any bar-hopping today. Went out for breakfast and then my buddy did some last-minute shopping before he leaves tomorrow. Kind of an overcast, drizzly day. Most unusual for this time of year. We went out for dinner and did stop for one cocktail on the way.

292) Kit Kat Club

This is a New York style martini bar on Pulpito, not far from my place. It has a small, marble-like bar with four modernistic metal backed stools with rattan seats. There is a black-light under the bar overhang. The wall behind the bar is painted tangerine and their is a large round mirror mounted on it. Two nubians holding up lamps are on the shelf behind the bar. There is a small Red-Bull refrigerator there too that looks a bit out-of-place. The wall to the left of the bar is painted the same color of tangerine as behind the bar and there are five of the same round mirrors mounted on it. The rest of the walls are painted white. The floor is light tan and dark tan linoleum. The large darker squares are set off by slightly raised, and quite sharp, metal dividers. A buddy of mine fell off a chair here a few years back and took off a major patch of skin on the tip of one of his fingers. Lot's of blood and subsequent pain. We got no sympathy from our spouses, just lots of grief.

There are large glass sliding doors that separate the interior from a small outside seating area. There are nice marble topped chairs about the place with comfortable white-fabric covered chairs. Parchement cone shades sit atop the lamps on the tables. The chairs on the outside area are more like backed cushions.

I had a Lime Drop martini (vodka, lime, sugar served in a sugar rimmed martini glass) and my buddy had a Dreamsickle (vodka, orange-juice, cream).

We finished these up and went to dinner and ended up stuffing ourselves to the point where nobody felt like going anywhere for an after dinner drink. No common sense.

I will probably take tomorrow off. It is Sunday and my buddy is leaving so we probably won't be doing much. I plan on being back at it again on Monday though. One more notch on the bottle and 708 left to go.