Saturday, February 26, 2005

Slow Fan, Dim Lights

Not a great deal of progress today. A friend of mine arrived at about 2:00 P.M. and we had a few too many drinks at my place before heading out. The maintenance staffed fixed the ceitling fan in the master bedroom because it would only operate on high-speed, unlike the other two celiling fans that have a working three-way switch. Their solution was to hook it up to a dimmer switch. Great control over the speed of the fan but the three overhead lights in the fixture are also controlled by the same switch. Faster the fan, brighter the light. Kind of interesting, in a peculiar way.

258) Cafe Bohemio

A nice outdoor restaurant on Rodolfo Gomez that serves, in my opinion, some of the best shrimp dishes in town. Sadly the have only a small one-stool bar inside but hey, a bar with a stool is a bar. I felt a bit like Hunter S. Thompson, but without the suicidal impulses. Yellow walls, red face to the bar and a brown tile top.

I had a Corona

259) Apaches

Now this is a bar on Olas Altos, and pretty much nothing but a bar. Kind of a newer place, although it has been here several years, with a bit of a Manhattan flavor. They serve a great martini, based upon past experience. It is fairly small with a blue tile bar "nestled," as my friend said, against the side wall. It is owned by a Dutch gentleman who is also the bartender and whom we engaged in a friendly conversation. They pour their drinks with a heavy hand, so no complaints on that end.

I had a gin and tonic and we called it an early night because my friend had a long day of travel.

We shall see how much progress we make today, although it is a Sunday so it might be slow. Just 741 left to go.


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