Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Another Slow Day

The friends that were here with me left yesterday so there was a lot of packing and saying good-bye. On top of that the wife is feeling poorly, a lot of flu-like something or another going around, so after they left I didn't much feel like going out and leaving her to suffer by herself. My feelings on that may change if she isn't better tonight, however.

241) El Pirata

This was the only bar I hit and it was kind of a wimp-out. It is located right across the street from our building, between us and the beach. It is primarily an outside eating area and the pirate ship shaped bar is primarily the service bar and small kitchen where they make tacos and hamburgers. There are, however, four or five bar-stools on the bay-side of the structure so I sat on one of them and had a beer. Any port in a storm. I had hoped to save this one for a rainy day but, seeing as how it hardly ever rains down here this time of year I used it up.

I had a Corona.

I hope to do better tomorrow, we shall see. Fewer distractions with my friends gone and the wife pretty much bed-ridden. Another friend coming in on Saturday, but he will be more of a partner-in-crime, I suspect.

Creeping ever closer to the, as yet, elusive quarter-way mark with 759 left to go.