Sunday, January 16, 2005

Weak End

Well, the week-end arrived and it was a bit of a weak end. However, it was somewhat planned for and, actually, a bit better than expected. I had friends come visit in Brooklyn (all the way from Long Beach, Long Island) on Saturday and we had dinner and hit a few spots. The Jets lost a close-one and today I will simply vegetate and see what the Vikings end up doing. Go Randy (and never was a name so appropriate). Can't even buy a beer in a store until noon on Sunday in this town, but, I will have one at home and call it a day.

I am writing this on Sunday but I hit the following bars on Saturday night.

77) Pacifico

This place on Pacific between Smith and Boerum, is as close to an authentic Mexican bar that you will find outside of Mexico. An outdoor area (although it is a bit cold for it now), two enclosed porches, a bar covered with ceramic tiles, a fireplace (well, you don't actually see too many of those in Mexico) and great Margaritas.

I had two margaritas.

78) Bar Tabac

A neat French bistro on Smith Street, old fooseball table, mainly French staff and customers. I had a drink at the bar to keep my record intact and then we had dinner in the back. Food was great and they have the best mussels I have ever eaten. We got two orders for appetizers, one in a wine sauce and one in a light mustard sauce. Heaven in a shell. I actually had three drinks here (a glass of wine and another Ricard) so you know that I am not going to go the distance tonight. I am, of counting the one I had at the bar.

I had a Ricard for an aperitif. For those of you who don't know, this is an anise flavored drink similar to Pernod (which was introduced after absinthe was made illegal in 1915). Actually, both Pernod and Ricard are made by the same company, Pernod Ricard.

79) Angry Wade's

This is a very nice sports bar up the street from Bar Tabac. Pool table in the back, friendly staff and friendly crowd.

I had a Samuel Adams.

80) Zombie Hut

Nice place, kind of across the street from Angry Wade's, and one of the few Tiki bars around. The owner of Angry Wade's stopped by and said he would buy me 100 beers if I actually completed my thousand bars in a year. I almost feel like I have gotten a corporate sponsorship. This guy also does a five borough bar trek every once in awhile and invited me to join in the next time. That should be fun and up my numbers. You have to have at least one drink in each of New York City's five borough's, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.

I had a Mai Tai but was told that the next time I come in I should have a zombie. By now I felt like one.

81) Sur

My second to the last stop on the way home and I remember almost nothing other than the fact that I was there and had a drink.

I had a beer, but what kind I do not remember.

82) Ambar

This was my last stop on the way home and I did recover a bit. Heading back toward what I hope is home I made my last stop and had the bartender write the review:

"Down to earth neighborhood bar with a touch of the Carribean. Good music. Good drinks."

I had a Red Stripe and that was it for the night.

Well, you can probably see why I am taking today off except for one beer to straighten myself out a bit. Note to self, do not start off the night by having 5 drinks in the first two places. I am no longer a young man.

Moving in on the century mark with 82 down and a mere 918 to go. I will easily hit one hundred by the end of the next week.