Friday, January 21, 2005

Polar Express

I went with my wife and two of her sisters to see The Polar Express at the Lincoln Center Imax theater yesterday. The last time we tried this the place was sold out so this time I ordered the tickets via the internet and then went early to pick them up. As it turned out this was unnecessary because the place was almost empty. It did, however, give me a couple of hours before I had to meet my group to hit a few bars. Right around the corner from Lincoln Center is Columbus Avenue, fertile territory.

103) Peter's

Between 68th and 69th on Coumbus, this is a nice drinking bar. A black and white photo of a female nude behind the bar along with a similarly themed statue (but wearing a Santa hat), mirrors and a very large and nice vase of flowers. The walls behind the bar are brick and there is a large Roman-style sculptured head hanging by the door. The back walls are primarily a dark red with Roman style paintings of female nudes and semi-nudes.

The bar itself is a nice, old wooden bar and there was great salsa and chips set out. There was a fairly loud crowd of younger regulars in the front and an older, quieter crowd of regulars in the back. I sat in the middle. In the back and through a door was an equal sized area with tables for eating.

I had a Samuel Adams Winter Lager

104) Caprice

Across the street and on the corner of 69th was this nice looking restaurant with a small horseshoe shaped bar in the front. It had two levels for dining and had a fairly decent crowd. The bar, small as it was, was doing a lively business as well so I sat there and chatted with a few of the more friendly regulars and the equally friendly bartendress.

I had a glass of red wine, Sordo Barbera D'Alba

105) Il Violino

Heading back toward the theater I passed this place on the way. It is right next door to Peter's and is on the corner of 68th and Columbus. Primarily an Italian restaurant, it has a nice little bar in the front and a friendly bartendress. The owner also stopped by and he was a very friendly guy as well so I chatted with him a bit about the state of the world and the good-old-days.

I had a glass of Chianti and an espresso and Sambuca to fortify me for the trip around the corner to the theater (well, it was cold).

Went to the movie and then we had dinner at Rolf's (referenced in a previous post). We all ordered the goose, a specialty this time of year, and it was delicious, as always with plenty to take home so I don't have to go out in the cold today (we may have a blizzard later as well).

Only 895 to go, slogging, or sloshing, my way forward.


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