Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A Visit To The Dentist

I had a dental appointment today so I ended up in midtown Manhattan. I took the subway to 42nd street and then went to my dentist who has his office on 40th street. Had a checkup and a cleaning and one small cavity filled. Kind of neat, he injected it with a plolymer from a tube and then cured it with some kind of a light thingy.

Anyway, as long as I was in that neighbor hood I decided to take advantage of it with a few stops at some of the local watering holes.

12) Domenico's Italian

This was on 120 E 40th St., and looked to be a very nice Italian restaurant. Mostly suit and tie guys when I was there, about 2:30 P.M. in the afternoon. Food looked and smelled great. Nice bar in the front where you could order food if you were so inclined.

I had a Dewars and soda.

13) Peter Dillon's Pub

This place is on 40th Street between Lexington and Third Avenue.

Two regulars and the bartender at the bar and one guy sitting by himself at a table. Bartender was friendly though and we discussed the Jets chances in the playoffs. I think we agreed they were zero to get beyond Saturday's game.

Good plasma TVs over the bar, ESPN on one and horse racing on the other.

Good tunes though, classic rock, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Alice Cooper.

I had a Boddington's Ale

14) Margarita Murphys

3rd Avenue between 38th and 39th

Lot's of plasma TVs but sadly they were only showing CNN and CNBC. Should have been down on Wall Street. Apparently they are a big sports bar at night.

I had an order of vegetable spring rolls, very good with an excellent hot sauce, and a V.O. and water.

15) The Black Sheep

Just up the block from Magarita Murphys.

A real Irish bar. Irish bartender, Irish customers, the whole thing. A friendly place. Very Christmasy decorations. The bar was covered in pennies with plexiglass on top.

I had a rum and coke.

16) Docks

A French Seafood type of place on 3rd Avenue between 40th and 41st. The place looked like it could be really nice but it was totally dead. The owner, or manager, was interviewing people and that is something I don't like to listen to while having a drink.

I had a glass of Pino Grigio

17) Eamonn's

After a subway ride from Grand Central I made it back to my neighborhood in Downtown, Brooklyn and decided to have one last one at, drum role please, another Irish bar on Montague Street. Kind of a late afternoon crowd which basically means people like me with nothing else to do but drink. It usually fills up with an after-work crowd but I beat them to the punch.

I had a Guinness.

Making progress, only 983 left to go.


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