Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Just thought I would pop up a quick post to let everyone know that the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I escaped the wrath of Hurricane Sandy completely unscathed. We are in a part of Downtown Brooklyn that is high enough about sea-level that we wouldn't have to evacuate even if there was a category 5 hurricane. At least according to the evacuation map . And we didn't seem to get much wind damage either. I walked around the neighborhood yesterday and aside from a few fallen branches didn't see any damage.

Of course my main concern was:

Pete's Waterfront Ale House
Pete's Post Sandy

It looked a bit forlorn, but then it was early and not open yet. I was happy to see that Sam didn't let the storm curtail his entrepreneurial instincts.

What Else Would You Expect
 Pete's Hurricane Rum Punch

I did pop in there last night and the place was packed. They were really short staffed and everyone was working their tail off. Mary, the bartender, was into her second shift and even Sam was serving drinks and clearing tables. Hats off to the hard-working crew.


Splunge said...

Greetings. Looks like I picked the right month to move to Florida. Sorry I missed you before I left but things were hectic near the end. Very glad that you and the MCW are safe. And of course that my favorite place in Brooklyn is doing well.

Hopefully we can meet there next time I'm in NYC.

Captain Terryble said...

I miss reading your blog! Been following it since the beginning.
Hope you're doing okay.

Joe non Papa said...

It's over six months since your last post, where you once posted just about every day. I'm very sorry to see this gone. I followed your blog with enjoyment for a few years. Hope all is well. Happy trails Bar Man.

Unknown said...

I met my wife during Hurricane Sandy.


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Unknown said...

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