Monday, June 20, 2011

The Rest Of The Story

I did go to the Mermaid Parade on Saturday.  Didn't spend too much time there because it was really crowded.  It gets more and more crowded every year.  But more on that in my next post.  Let me just finish up my trip to Williamsburg here.

After we left Fatty Cues we walked along Bedford Avenue through the heart of Williamsburg.  We passed a few of the newer bars before spotting Cyn.

It Would Be A Sin To Miss Cyn

This place reminds me of the soon-to-be-gone-if-it-isn't-already Mars Bar on the lower east side of Manhattan. A legendary dive bar, that one.

But The Mars Bar Has No Outdoor Seating

I had worked up a bit of a thirst during the walk over so I had a nice Tanqueray and Tonic, and it was one of the strongest I have ever had outside of Standup Frank's, a dive bar in Minneapolis. It might be closed now, though.

A Very Decent Thirst Quencher

That one thirst quencher turned into three and I wandered into a conversation that had something to do with the Mongols and their skill shooting a bow while riding at a full gallop. I am sure it was a very interesting conversation as well.

From Cyn we hit the pier at North 6th Street and caught the ferry back to the Brooklyn Bridge Park pier. We had a bit of a walk to get home and I had to take a leak and, perhaps, squeeze in one more drink. Luckily, Pete's was nearby.

Pete's, Been Here Forever

And Squeeze In A Drink, I Did

I had a Manhattan, but I don't remember what kind. I think Pete's didn't have any Maker's Mark so I ordered something different after going through the options. I am sure it was good.

A waiter wanted to take a picture of me and the Mysterious Chinese Woman together. We try to avoid these pictures because they tend to give people the wrong idea.

Cutest Couple

Then it was the long walk home. And all uphill as well. Don't make the mistake of thinking Brooklyn is flat. It isn't. Where I live, adgacent to Brooklyn Heights (it is "Heights" for a reason) we are quite above higher than waterlevel, where, obviously, we caught the ferry.

I made it though. And tomorrow I will try to get the stuff from the Mermaid Parade. But don't hold your breath. There wasn't very much, mostly just pictures of crowds.

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