Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Got To Love New York

I won't go into detail about my long and, recently, painful history with the New York Knicks.  But I do have to scratch my head at the wishful logic of Knicks' fans.

When the Cavaliers were on a tear these Knicks's fans were all excited because, so the reasoning went, if LeBron could deliver a championship to Cleveland his work there would be done and he would be more willing to move to New York.

Now, with the Cavaliers not doing so well against the Celtics (my current favorite team because of Kevin Garnett) the logic goes that LeBron will want to leave Cleveland and come to New York.  Why, because the Knicks will have enough cap room to pay him well and surround him with a couple of great players so he has a chance to win a championship.

Hope blooms eternal for Knicks fans who haven't had a team to root for in many years.  I go to Minnesota this weekend for the Annual Fishing Opener gathering and it has been a long time since I have had to try to find a bar with a Knicks play-off game on their television.

But, and remember that you heard it here first, my prediction is that LeBron goes to the Nets and ends up playing in Brooklyn.

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