Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Can't Help Myself

Okay, I know, no more banging on the Knicks. But when the New York Daily News starts printing jokes about them, well, I felt compelled to share one with you.

How many Knicks does it take to change a tire?

Just one, unless it is a blow-out, then the whole team contributes.

Hey, I didn't make it up.

Oh, the Knicks passed on The Answer. Now, of course, everyone is second guessing that decision. Just two days ago, though, everyone was saying what a mistake it would have been to get Iverson. You just can't win. One thing, Iverson would have put a few more fannies in the seats.

I wonder how many people will show up for this afternoon's game against the Nets. If they were playing in Madison Square Garden it would be announced as a sell-out even if the place was half empty. It is kind of fun to watch how they manipulate the camera angles to avoid showing empty seats.

Making a Muffaletta New Orleans style sandwich (they serve many) and some Glogg for an indoor tailgate party tomorrow. Maybe Rice Krispy squares too, if I feel ambitious.

One thing about this afternoon's Knicks/Nets game, someone does have to win.

Did you hear about the new Knicks cologne? You splash it on and the other guy scores.

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