Monday, November 02, 2009

I Have Caved

Okay, when the Mysterious Chinese Woman starts talking about how "cute" Brett Favre is, I know I have lost the battle. And it is hard to root against the Vikings, especially when they play the hated Packers.

Here's To You Brett, I Give

A quick update to my Bogota visit. I found my receipt so I can now report that the sauce on top of the Arepa Chocolo was Hogao Sauce, or it should have been. It didn't look quite right, though, because Hogao Sauce is a tomato and onion sauce. Oh well, it was good whatever it was. And the "Oh, Brett is so cute!" Mysterious Chinese Woman had the Chipotle Salmon. The other empanada that I thought was beef was duck. My dish was called Sobrebarriga, and it was a slow-cooked flank steak. Again, I highly recommend a visit to this little piece of Columbia right here in Brooklyn.

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