Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Life In Disarray

Let's start with the Jets. They actually have a shot at making the playoffs. All they have to do is beat the Bengals on Sunday and they are in. More surprisingly, the early line makes them 10 point favorites. If you would have told me such a thing was possible a month ago I would have told you that you were crazy.

Now, onto the Knicks. I am actually starting to warm up to them again. Granted, they aren't likely to go anywhere this year, but they are playing better and winning more than half the time. And the new coach seems to know what he is doing. I totally agree with him sitting Curry and if Nate doesn't play like the coach wants, then keep him sitting too until he learns how. Nate could be really good one day if he ever settles down.

But, most surprisingly, after last night's Vikings/Bears game I actually felt sorry for Brett Favre. He brings the Vikings back to tie the game (should have been ahead except for a missed point after) with about five minutes to play, Bears then run the kick-off back 59 yards leading to a quick touchdown, and then with just 16 seconds left, Brett manages to tie the game up again sending it into overtime. Sadly, the Bears score first after recovering a fumble by Adrian Peterson and the Vikings lose. Remember, if not for a missed point after the Vikings would have won in regulation.

Now, if someone told me that one day I would actually feel sorry for Brett Favre, I would have said they were not only crazy, but an idiot as well.

Now you can see why my life is in a state of total disarray.


Betsy said...

Please tell me you've had time to think about it and you no longer feel sorry for Brett. He's making $12M a year and sold out his coach last week.

Bar Man said...

Or, did his coach try to sell out him? Really, with the Vikings leading by just one, do you think taking Brett out of the game was a good idea? Hate to say it, I think Brett wanted to win more than his coach.

When the Vikings hired Brett they knew what they were getting. He made the Jets keep starting him, even after he was injured, to keep his streak alive. Who do you think was calling those shots, Brett or Mangenius?

With Brett you get what you get.

And, hey, do you think Brett needs the money? $12 million is chump change these days. Nat Robinson of the Knicks collects $4 million for just sitting on the bench. The Jets signed Sanchez to a five year contract worth up to $60 million, and he is just a rookie. I suspect the Vikings have already more than made up for the $12 million they paid Brett judy on Monday Night Football revenue, more tickets sold, and play-off money coming in. Brett is just misunderstood and taken advantage of. Kind of like Prince.

Poor, poor Brett.

Bar Man said...

"judy" in my previous post should have been "just." As in "just on Monday Night Football revenue."

You ever notice that if you shift your hands a bit to the right an '"s" becomes a "d" and a "t" becomes a "y"?

I didn't think so.