Sunday, November 29, 2009

But They Love Him In Tanzania

Well, as you probably know, the Knicks did pass on Allen Iverson. However, if you are ever in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, you might be able to pick up an Iverson Grizzlies jersey.

It seems as though the Grizzlies were going to hand out 3000 Iverson jeresys at a game, but after they cut him it didn't seem, shall we say, appropriate. Instead they were shipped to the birthplace of their rookie center, Hasheem Thabeet, where they were handed out to improvished children.

Now, if those kids had access to ebay, they could probably sell them for a nice chunk of change.

Hey, I wonder how Tiger's wife was going to pull him out of the back window of a Cadillac SUV, even if she did break the window out with a golf club. Or was it both windows with two golf clubs?

I see where Sprewell, infamous for saying he wouldn't play for the Timberwolves for a paltry couple of million a year because he had to feed his family, is about to lose his mansion in Purchase, New York for falling behind in his mortgage. Last year he lost his yacht. Maybe he should have kept his day job.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I did. But then I started the celebration on Tuesday afternoon and didn't get back home until last night.

Oh yeah, Brett Favre is having the best start that he has ever had in his entire NFL career, and he is currently the highest rated quarterback in the NFL.

Just thinking, last year the Jets released Pennington and he then went on to lead Miami to a conference title and a spot in the playoffs. This year the Jets released Favre and he then went on to lead the Vikings to....? And it isn't like the Jets even get anything for these guys.

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