Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sashaying To Sha Sha's

My friends Bruce and Donna live within an easy walk of Sha Sha Resort. This place burned to the ground a few years ago and is now under new ownership. To everyone's credit, they rebuilt it pretty much as it was, and that is a good thing.

Almost There

And here it is, pretty much the same, but with a few enhancements.

Almost Like Old

The chipmonk, who survived the fire but with a badly burnt butt, has been either refurbished or replaced. But he occupies the same old spot.

Like An Old Friend

The old Sha Sha's had a lot of really nice mounted fish and elaborate wood-carvings but, alas, they all were destroyed in the fire. Luckily, there are several very accomplished wood-workers in this area and they all helped restore the old look.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman Makes A Friend

Who knows, that pelican may have migrated up here from Puerto Vallarta. They do that.

They have also added a bit of a retro, kind of 50's or 60's look to the place as well.

Last One Buys

The new owner remaned the bar inside the resort.

Fish Bones Bar

The story the bartender told was that the new owner had this large wooden sculpture of, well, fish bones, and wanted a place to hang it.

I Think It Should Go Here

And here is the usual crowd of reprobates spending a lovely day where it should be spent. Inside a bar.

Chris, Barman, and Bruce

I decided to head down to the end, or at least a corner, of the bar to have a drink with one of the regulars.

Something Fishy About This Guy

And no resort on the Canadian border would be complete without a Tiki Bar.

Sha Sha's Tiki Bar

They had a picture of an arial view of Sha Sha's resort and you can see where it really is at the end of the road. Keep heading north and you will be both wet and, not much further, in Canada.

No Man Is An Island

You can see how close Bruce's place is to Sha Sha's. Makes for an easy walk and you don't have to worry about driving home after you have had one too many. You do have to worry about everyone else driving home, though.

If you have a Bloody Mary here, be careful of the pickles. The bartender marinates them in the juices left over from the jalapenos that they use in their tacos, or whatever. Trust me, those pickles are hot, hot, hot.

This late in the year Sha Sha's is kind of winding down, but during the summer it really rocks. They have big dock parties and live music so it is a lot of fun. And they rent cabins which are pretty much booked up solid for the people who actually come up here to fish.