Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yum Yum Zum

Well, not really much yum yum. Aside from a cheese plate and a potato pancake that the people we sat next to gave us we really didn't eat at Zum Schneider. But we did drink beer, lots of beer.

A Party Is In Progress

You have to love New York. It is the juxtapostion of a roasting pig and a taxi that just kind of cries out to you.

Only In New York

Ready For My Closeup

We had a great time and loved the entertainment.

Oompah Oompah Oompah Pah

I wouldn't exactly call it a flea market, but there were authentic German radios for sale.

Well, One

They did have some good looking food here, and our new friends at the table with us seemed to be enjoying their meals.

Digging In

The Mysterious Chinese Woman and I got here around 5:00 PM but were going to wait until Jim showed up before we ordered any food. He didn't get off work until around 7:00 PM or so and then it took him about an hour to get here and find a place to park.

Ah, Together At Last

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By the time he arrived I was kind of full from the numerous beers I had consumed (don't ask me how many) and heavy German fare didn't really appeal to me. On the walk from the Astor Place subway stop we noticed a large number of Japanese bars and restaurants along St. Mark's Place (8th Avenue). Most of these have sprung up fairly recently too. We decided to head to one of them for a lighter dinner.

On the way we passed the infamous and elusive Holiday Cocktail Lounge. Elusive because this is how it typically looks.

The Usual State

Despite the fancy name, it is more of a dive bar than a cocktail lounge and, because it was late enough, it was open.

Kind Of A Seedy Clientele, Though

Really Seedy

After a quick couple of gin and tonics for me and a beer for Jim we picked out a nice looking Japanese place.

Not Sure Of The Name

We walked in and I promptly fell off of my little stool while trying to sit down. Luckily nobody had their camera out and only my dignity was injured.

We opted for some kind of a sampler platter and weren't disappointed.

Plenty For Everyone

The Mysterious Chinese Woman, daintily dug in.

So Dainty

Bar Man was begining to regret his over-consumption of beers because he just didn't have that much of an appetite. I did manage to sample everything and I will certainly come back and do it again.

Regrets, I've Had A Few

Of course my regrets did not stop me from sharing a bottle of saki with Jim. All and all, we had a great time.

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