Sunday, June 14, 2009

An Amazing Coincidence

The Mysterious Chinese Woman and I were kind of planning on going to Kevin's in Red Hook for brunch today. I even bought a bottle of bubbly to bring with us because they don't have a liquor license. Well, the day was so gloomy we decided not to go.

Then, this afternoon it started to clear up a bit, but we had kind of decided to just stay in. The Mysterious Chinese Woman took some shrimp out of the freezer to cook and I kind of pouted because we were staying in on such a nice day.

Well, the phone rang and I jokingly said I hoped it was someone calling to invite us to go out. And it was. An old friend, Ellen, called to see if we wanted to go to see a band with some friends of hers in it. And where were they playing. No, not Kevin's, but damn close. They were playing at Rocky Sullivan's, in Red Hook.

Anyway, we are heading out now. I will post more about it tomorrow, but I couldn't help sharing what, to me at least, seemed like quite a coincidence. Ellen seemed to think I had somehow sent her a mental message telling her to call and invite us.