Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Null Day

My sister-in-law who lives near me in Park Slope stopped by to pick me up this morning. We, along with her two young daughters, went to visit my Mysterious Sister-In-Law who lives in New Jersey. Another sister-in-law with her young daughter, the birthday girl, were coming over too for a birthday party as did my brother-in-law Jim.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman and my Mysterious Mother-In-Law went out yesterday so it was kind of like a reunion. You know, running towards each other through a field of flowers with our arms stretched out, music playing in the background. That would be me and the Mysterious Chinese Woman. The Mysterious Mother-In-Law is not the running through the flowers with arms outstretched kind of woman. She is more the chop-the-chicken-with-a-cleaver type.

The birthday girl wanted pizza for her party so we ordered a bunch of pies from Pizza Hut. Man, have they ever gone down hill. The pizzas were terrible. The crusts were undercooked to the point where they were almost raw in the middle. And the toppings were laughable. The pizza with pepperoni had at least two slices with no pepperoni at all and another two slices shared one piece of pepperoni between the two of them. And we are talking about slices of pepperoni so thin you could see through them. The mushroom pizza was about the same and with what looked like shriveled up and overcooked mushroom parts. Don't even get me started on the meatball pizza, hamburger was more like it. If I had to describe the pizzas in one word it would be a hard choice between "disgusting," "horrible," or "laughable." Oh, and "terrible." Let me simply say that I will never again get a pizza from Pizza Hut.

At any rate, I skipped breakfast this morning, relying on black coffee to hold me over until lunch. But, in keeping with the spirit of living on my food-stamp budget for a full month, I will extend my experiment through Friday, May 1st to make up for today. I am nothing if not scrupulous. Or obsessive/compulsive, take your pick.