Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Atlantic Antic

Sunday was the famous Atlantic Antic and a group of us gathered at my place to form up, have a mimosa, and then head on out.

The Gathering Of The Herd

We didn't tarry too long before moving on out for the fun.

On The Way

As always there was plenty to see.

Hula Hooping In Front Of Last Exit

Belly Dancing Too

And A Band In Front Of Moxie

I once again started out the day by stopping into Montero which is just across the street from the official end of the Atlantic Antic. I think next year I might save this until the end because it is kind of a quick start.

Montero, A Block Too Far

Actually only three of us hit Montero. We really did need some adult supervision, though.

Bob, Bernie, And Bar Man

My old pal Pilar was there and she didn't help matters by insisting that she buy the first round. Of course we didn't help by making that round beers and shots.

Old Buddy Pilar

Then protocol required that we buy a round ourselves so without really hitting the fair we were already two beers and two shots into our day. Oh, yeah, and a mimosa or two.

The bartender was quite friendly, as everyone in this place always is. I am sure I asked her for her name, but somehow I forgot it.

Our Attentive And Attractive Bartender

Eventually we did make it back to the fair where Bob and Bernie studied their food options.

Hmm, What Looks Good

Grilled Shish Ka Bobs

Mexican Style Grilled Corn

These kids were having fun bringing out their inner Michelangelo.

Hmm, A Bit More Red, Perhaps

The streets were really packed so by the time I got to the Waterfront Ale House I had to stand behind the band to listen to the music. In my opinion, the best band in the whole Atlantic Antic.

Music At The Waterfront

Waterfront Ale House on Urbanspoon

There were a lot of old buses on the street too.

Do You Go To Macy's?

And, for those of you who remember and were fans of The Honeymooners, the bus that Ralph drove.

The Jackie Gleason Special

Well, I wish I had more for you, but after this we hit The Brazen Head.

Brazen Head

and then wondered aimlessly before hitting Robin Des Bois for dinner.

Robin Des Bois

Robin Des Bois on Urbanspoon

But I had lost my focus (and probably my ability to focus) and didn't take any more pictures. Well, now I know why I don't do this professionally.

Next year I promise I won't start at Monetero and will make a concentrated effort to do a better job of documenting my day.


springsandra said...

I made one of your pictures! I'm in the background in the shot titled "Hmm what looks good" wearing jeans and a jean jacket standing under the letters "MA" in "ambulance" on the truck in the background. :) I was watching the singer playing to the children (it was very sweet). Glad you had fun (even though you didn't make it nearly as far as I did... I walked all the way from 4th & Atlantic)!

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