Sunday, September 23, 2007

Game Day

Another beautiful day for a Jets game. And we are playing our favorite enemy, the hated, at least in New York, fish.

Our next door neighbors whose space we usurped last week got up extra early and managed to beat us to the park this week. Curses.

Our Neighbors

No big deal, we simply put up our tent a few spaces away. A couple of our neighbors even came over to help and we then celebrated with a few beers.

Bonding Over Beer

You will notice that this week we cracked the Heineken Light that I was given and I can tell you for sure that it does taste better out of the "keg" than out of the bottle. We also didn't have any foam problems.

If the mark of good neighbors is their enthusiasm, than our new friends meet that criteria.

Enthusiastic Fans

And it is always gratifying to see the little fans being introduced to the game.

Now if I won the lottery this is the kind of a rig that I would like to be able to take to the game.

Dream Rig

Maybe I could pay it off by selling hot dogs out of of the trailer.

Jets Dogs, Hot Dogs That Is

For those of you who are interested, this is why we cannot park where we have in years past.

Last Year's Parking Spot

I would have gone in for a closer look, but I wasn't dressed properly.

Not Exactly Jets Attire

And yes, I actually do go to the game. In fact I even have pretty good seats, especially when there is action in the red zone on our end of the field.

A View From My Seat

And, of course, we always get a good view of the celebration after the occasional score. I wish they wore skimpier outfits though.

Go Jets

And, as they almost always do, the Jets made the Dolphins look like fish out of water. Disregard the meaningless 15 points we gave up at the end of the game and it wasn't even close. Of course if you took the Jets and gave up 3 1/2 points (the spread last I looked) you probably were counting your money when the Jets went up by 18.

I really think that professional athletes should be encouraged to bet on games. The only caveat is that they cannot bet against themselves. If a few of the defensive linesmen had money on the game maybe they wouldn't have given up that two point conversion and last touchdown that lost the bet.

Of course I also think that betting should be encouraged in professional wrestling so most of my ideas on this subject aren't met with much enthusiasm. An amazing amount of ridicule though.

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