Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Big Party For Marty

For those of you who read the New York Daily News and get the Brooklyn version of the Your Neighborhood section, check out the front page. There is an article about the big bash that Marty Markowitz is throwing for his upcoming inaugaration for his second term as Brooklyn Borough President. According to the article it is going to be an "over the top variety show that includes Greek and Irish dancers, Calypso giant Mighty Sparrow, the Brooklyn Ballet and an entire Gospel chorus.

So why should I mention this you might ask. Well:

"The guest list for the invite-only gala at the Brooklyn Technical High School tomorrow reads like half the answers to a Brooklyn edition of Trivial Pursuit. Radio legend Cousin Brucie will be there as well as Dan Freeman, who became an Internet sensation by visiting 1,000 bars."

It should be fun. I might add that Mr. Markowitz gave me a call to personally congratulate me on the completion of my quest and to invite me to this event. I am looking forward to it and will post more to let you all know how it went. Maybe I will even get a picture of me with the Mighty Marty. If not, then perhaps one with the Mighty Sparrow.


Lisa said...

That sounds like fun! I'm curious--do you miss the bar-hopping?

Bar Man said...

I don't really miss it. I can still go to plenty of bars in my neighborhood if I want a drink and, if I am feeling adventurous, I can wander off to new places. I have found so many good bars that I won't have any problems going to an interesting place. In a way I will still be doing the same thing, but at a much slower pace, and with more time to revisit places that I enjoy.

weeg said...

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