Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Visiting The Accountant

Today was the day of reckoning where I had to visit the accountant to have my taxes done. Relatively painless but I won't know the damage until next week. Needed a few drinks to settle down so I stopped at these places on the way home.

361) Partrick Conway's

Convenient to Grand Central, as are all three of the bars today, on 40 East 43rd is this classic Irish pub, the kind that abound in New York. A long dark-wood bar with a brass rail. Matching wood bar-chairs with burgandy padded seats. An ornate wooden set of coolers, drawers, and shelves behind the bar. Behind the bar are mirrors built into three arches with back-lite stained-glass on the top part. There are two Irish whiskies on tap, kind of, Paddy and Jameson. The paneling above the bar also has back-lite stained glass.

In the bar area there are a couple of waist-high partitions with brass rails and ledges where you can set a drink. There is also a narrow ledge with chairs in front of the leaded-glass windows that look out onto the street. Sports pictures and pictures of what look like old Irish buildings hang on the wall. There is a decent sized dining area in the back and another one downstairs.

I had a Pickwick's Lager

362) Annie Moore's

Just two doors down from Patrick Conway's is another classic Irish pub with a similar, but still distinct, look about it. Kind of the same long wooden bar with a brass rail and bar-chairs with padded green cloth-covered seats. The back of the bar was a bit more modern looking. Five arched enclaves seperated by either cabinets for glasses or decorative paneling. The enclaves on each end and in the middle have large mirrors and the other two have nice flat-screen televisions. There are two recessed overhead lights above each arch. Above the bar are hanging lights with inverted glass shades. Similar lights, but with six smaller lights extending out from them hang about the rest of the place. There are several other televisions mounted around the place. Nice wood walls and floor. There is a decent sized dining area in the back and some tables along one wall in the bar area. A small nook, two steps up, with a couple of tables by the window are up front by the windows.

I had a Bass Ale

363) TGIF

Yes, another TGIF. It was between the two bars I had just gone to so I figured, what the hell, knock of another one. There was a large stained-glass peacock behind the bar and a bit more of an Irish pub look to the place than normal. I suspect to somewhat imitate their neighbors. No point writing a lot about this place, if you have seen one you have seen them all. Oh, they did have a nice antique telephone booth with stained glass windows, but they only had one uni-sex bathroom for the whole place. Wouldn't want to be there when it was busy, if it ever gets busy.

I paid $8.00 for a Dewars and soda (still better then what I paid in Brooklyn) that came, for some reason, with a lime-slice in it.

That was it, just hit the three on the way home for 363 for the year and 637 left to go.


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