Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Trip To Tribeca Redux Again

There were a couple more bars that I had heard that I should try in this neighborhood so I figured I would pop back for a quick peek. I wasn’t disappointed as both bars were worth the visit.

446) Brady’s

Located at 67 Murray, is this narrow place that is quite deep. A good-sized dark wooden bar in front and a bunch of tables and chairs in the back for eating. A brick wall behind the bar with a few mirrors, some photographs, a small shelf to display beer. A broad shelf above ice chests and coolers behind the bar hold the liquor. A couple of bottles of Irish whiskey are mounted upside down for easy dispensing of shots. A narrower shelf above the mirrors and other stuff holds an eclectic collection of stuff: a Jets helmet, a fireman’s helmet, beer steins, lanterns, horse shoes, model cares, bottles and jugs, just stuff. A good-sized Statue of Liberty sits in the middle of the shelf down below. Above the bar is a dark wood overhang with recessed lights. The generic “stained glass” lights hang over the brown wood bar chairs with pea soup green seats. Mirrors and dark paneling behind the bar chairs. The walls are off-yellow with dark wood paneling going half way up in front. There is a narrow shelf on top of the paneling for drinks and chairs to sit on. There is a dart board for competitive playing.

I had a Tanqueray and tonic.

447) Dakota Roadhouse

At 43 Park Place is this not-to-be-missed place. A long wooden topped bar with a corrugated tin front and black foot rest looks normal enough, until you notice that it is lined with mouse traps. Then there are the two large screen televisions behind the bar playing someone’s personal video mix featuring everything from videos of street violence, workout videos, sports highlights, music, and who knows what else. You are actually warned by the female bartender that it might be best not to pay too much attention to it. Behind the bar is a set of brown wooden coolers and the wide top holds tiered shelves of bottles, a couple of cash registers and glass shelves holding glasses and a display of beer bottles. The wall is mirrored. Above the bar are two strings of Budweiser Christmas lights. Above that the wall is a faded dark green corrugated metal with Atchafalaya Fish Co. painted in large faded red letters. A bunch of neon beer signs hang on it but most of them weren’t working so I don’t know if they were broken or just turned off. Some kind of large papier-mâché crocodile hangs behind the bar as well wearing paper clothes. Lots of stuff to see, a wooden skeleton, a large paper moon face, mounted deer heads. There is a large American flag on one wall.

This place is quite large with a couple of pool tables and a foosball machine in the back. The lights over the pool tables have nice purple shades. On one wall in the front is a large mirror totally covered with glued on empty hot sauce bottles. Kind of a nice affect. There are booths in the back and an upstairs area that I didn’t get around to checking out. Lots of stuff to see in here and they have very good spiced peanuts on the bar.

I had a Tanqueray and tonic and headed home. I hope to go back again tomorrow and hit a few more. I will probably go later in the day so I can pick up a few places that don’t open until then.

A slow day, but planned that way. Crept up to 447 for the year with 553 left to go. Hoping to make a bit better headway tomorrow, but we shall see how it goes.


Bruce Carl said...

What did you have to drink at Brady's. You can't claim a bar by simply going to it. And the drink is what I live for.

brian said...

saab 900s is another saab 900s place to check out.

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