Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Well, last night I took my wife out for dinner to make up for my Valentine's day fiasco. We went to our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Armando's, and had a pleasant evening so all is right with the world. I had a glass of wine with my meal but, of course, didn't count it because I didn't drink it at the bar and I have already had a drink at the bar here.

203) Brooklyn Beer Garden

In terminal four at JFK there are only two bars. This one was open when I got there so I popped in. It is a typical small airport bar that featured Brooklyn Brewery beers, some of my favorites. The windows in the bar overlooked another terminal so you could see parked planes but couldn't see them landing or taking off. They had an impresive display of antique beer bottles and some reproductions of old brewery advertisements.

I had a Brooklyn Weisse

204) Napa Valley Wine Bar

This bar opened later in the day, 3:00 P.M. I thought that was a bit strange for an airport bar but they said that the earliest departing flight from the gates where they were located wasn't until 4:00 P.M. The view from here was of the check-in counters and, lookiing through the lobby, of the AirTrain as it passed by. Although it is a wine bar they didn't have an overly large selection of wines.

I had a Samuel Adam's Boston Lager

I passed by two bars in the Mexico City airport but didn't have time to stop in because we were pressed for time and had to clear immigration before catching out connection to Puerto Vallarta. We didn't get to Puerto Vallarta until midnight so just called it a night when we got there.

Not a great day, but not bad considering. Down to a mere 796 to go.