Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Bit of Wall Street

I know, I said because it was my wife's birthday I wasn't going to go out today. But about 10:30 A.M. I got a bit antsy and decided to go out. I downloaded about two hours of birthday related songs, promised I would be back by 2:00 P.M. and headed out.

I took the subway to Bowling Green which, for some strange reason, is tiled in orange. Anyway, I got off and walked up Beaver Street until I hit:

147) Killerney Rose

On Beaver Street from one can enter, is this somewhat huge Irish bar that has been around for ever. It has a great steam table where for less than $8.oo easy you can stuff yourself with one of the best corned-beef and cabbage dishes ever.

This place is long, the width of a block. There is also an upstairs area with a separate lounge. I debated about whether or not I could go up and count a drink (it does have a somewhat different name K.R. Lounge) but decided I couldn't

I had a Guiness Stout, very well pulled, and headed out the other door and across the street to:

148) Mercantile Grill

Another nice little restaurant and bar. Built into an old building, unlike Killerney Rose which is old, it still gives off a nice glow and was an enjoyable stop.

I had a Dewars and soda.

149) The Full Shilling

Up the street a bit was this place. Another authentic Irish bar that has a bar that was supposedly brought over from Belfast and is 105 years old. Apparently the whole interior of the bar was shipped over from Ireland and reinstalled. It looks it. A very nice place indeed.

I had a Dewars and soda.

150) La Borsa Di Roma

A very nice Itallian restuarant bar just a bit further up the street but on the other side. Not a large bar but decent enough. The front was padded leather so it made it very comfortable to stand and lean your knee up against. There was a rifle hung on the back wall and it kind of reminded me of Shaun of the Dead. The walls had old copper cooking utensils hung here and about and some other stuff that was either farm equipment or instruments of torture. Not a real bar crowd so I had a quick

Glass of Chianti and headed down the street.

151) Captain's Ketch

This place, still on Pearl Street, has a nice rectangular bar, dark wood, fairly classy. I was actually headed back to the subway when I spotted it and felt the compulsion to stop in. The walls are adorned with nautical pictures and paraphernalia. Unlike the place that had the rifle, this place had old harpoons. Forget Shaun, I am now thinking Jaws.

I had a Dewars and soda.

Now, I really should just go home and take a nap until it is time for dinner. Sometimes, however, fate intervenes. A reporter from one of New York's papers wants to meet me at a bar and interview me for an article that may appear on Thursday. I will say no more about this because, in all liklihood, nothing will come of it. I will keep you posted (hint, hint).

I have to shower and make myself presentable for the rest of the night. Will update this with this evening's encounter tomorrow morning.

152) Walker's

On 16 North Moore Street, on the corner of Varick Street, is this old bar. This neighborhood is full of new places but Walker's is one of the originals. It has an ornate tin ceiling and beige plaster walls with relief designs. Plank wooden floor and a nice old, well worn, dark wooden bar. The lights hanging over it reminded me, for some reason, of the lights we used to have in our grade-school classrooms. Or, more than likely, in the principal's office. The back of the bar was also old and wooden and had a few large mirrors. There were a few tables scattered about for drinking and eating and a larger back room for dining as well.

I met up with the reporter and a photographer for my interview about my quest. It seemed to go fairly well, a lot of pictures were taken and we talked for almost an hour. Supposedly an article will appear in tomorrow's paper. If it does I will give you the details. Of course it could also simply end up in some editor's wastepaper basket.

I ended up drinking a couple of draft Boddington's Ale and then toddled off with the wife for dinner a few blocks away at Chanterelle, a great restaurant but one with no bar.

I know this gets boring, but I feel compelled to do it anyway; 848 bars to go.


Kenny said...

Fantastic site - I envy your stamina! Personally, I would succumb too often to your noted "let's have another" syndrome. As you haven't made it into my 'hood yet, here's a shameless plug for my bar crawls:

East VillageLower East SideNoho and NolitaAnd if you're in the neighbourhood on April 2nd and want to drink with a bunch of Scots in kilts, join us for our annual Tartan Day party at Mundial.

Cheers! I eagerly await the remaining 333 or so entries.

R said...

Another message from a Scot!

I am enjoying reading your bar journey but one thing piqued my curiousity: what do you do for a living that allows you all the free time to go bar crawling?

I only ask out of professional jealousy, obviously.


Beth said...

Hi there,

I just ran across your site and enjoyed reading through everything.

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